Fall 2020

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Fall 2020


Hello fellow Outdoor Fun Seekers, 


We hope that this Covid lifestyle has afforded you an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors…besides, it’ safer!   We at Boondock Boyz Clothing Co, have been practicing the original “social distancing,” by sitting in tree stands lately!

Here in Michigan, we just wrapped up our bear hunting season and now are heavy into our archery deer season.  Our group pulled two tags this year for bear hunting and we were blessed with a couple of nice black bears!  Some of the gang are already enjoying success with deer and ducks as well. 

Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or simply sitting around a warm fire on a cool night, break free from your confinements and get some fresh air!  The fall is a beautiful time of the year to experience all that nature has to offer and get reconnected with yourself.   With so much negativity in the world these days, do yourself a favor and turn off the news, put on some flannel and get outside with what matters most…family and friends.  Your mind and soul will appreciate the break and don’t be surprised if you get a good night’s rest! 

We wish you well in your fall endeavors and I leave you with one final thought…

 “What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it…make it count!”

Be well, be safe and stay “Outdoor 2 the Core”



Bert Jr. Van Drunen