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        Boondock Chronicles — boondock

        Let's Not Forget What Christmas Is About!

        Let's Not Forget What Christmas Is About!

           It's that time of the year again when the stress of buying presents, what the tree looks like, what parties you're attending, and hoping you don't gain that unwanted Christmas weight all sets in at once!

         I'll be the first to admit I get all wrapped up (no pun intended) in the Christmas hype. I get cranky and turn into the Grinch. But this year I'm taking a step back and looking at the blessings that I have. With the year of 2020 being a total blur and the world being on the brink of total chaos...all that aside its been a good year with many blessings. This Christmas I challenge you to count your blessings and remember why we are even celebrating this holiday. Christmas literally means giving. The big man upstairs gave his only son, and the son gave his life to save us. Without giving there is no Christmas. Count your blessings sent to you, and pray for those who aren't able to celebrate. 

         So, in two weeks when your sitting at the table with family (if you even have a party due to RONA...also thanks to some guy who decided to eat a bat and start this mess) just remember that even though the ham is dry, grandmas salad has cat hair in it and uncle Neds side dish looks like petrified dino is everything! I pray you have a blessed holiday season and love your time with friends and family. 

         Thank you for the continued support with the Boondock brand...we hope to keep this momentum going through the new year and make 2021 great.

        Love you all, have a good holiday...also don't be a Grinch! 

        - Cody