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   So picture it this way...remember when you were 16 and you were a walking ball of hormones, a glimpse of skin on an attractive girl suddenly made you loose your mind to the point where you couldn't depict if your heart was racing from that girl or the giant bag of sour patch kids you smashed after study hall. Regardless we have all had it at some point...and this is what late-October brings us in the whitetail woods...bucks lose their minds over doe and this is what we call the rut!    The days are getting cooler and the...

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  Hello fellow Outdoor Fun Seekers,    We hope that this Covid lifestyle has afforded you an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors…besides, it’ safer!   We at Boondock Boyz Clothing Co, have been practicing the original “social distancing,” by sitting in tree stands lately! Here in Michigan, we just wrapped up our bear hunting season and now are heavy into our archery deer season.  Our group pulled two tags this year for bear hunting and we were blessed with a couple of nice black bears!  Some of the gang are already enjoying success with deer and ducks...

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   Hey everyone...first off thank you to everyone for the continued support. The only way we can grow is through good people who help us share The Boondock Boyz way of life. We are so excited to release some new designs today for you all and hope you enjoy them like we do. Our crew here has been hearing feedback from you guys and have started to make designs based on what you guys want to see! Please feel free to comment/message/call us with any ideas you may have, or things you'd like to see on our site! We are...

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