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        Boondock Chronicles

        Let's Not Forget What Christmas Is About!

        Let's Not Forget What Christmas Is About!

           It's that time of the year again when the stress of buying presents, what the tree looks like, what parties you're attending, and hoping you don't gain that unwanted Christmas weight all sets in at once!

         I'll be the first to admit I get all wrapped up (no pun intended) in the Christmas hype. I get cranky and turn into the Grinch. But this year I'm taking a step back and looking at the blessings that I have. With the year of 2020 being a total blur and the world being on the brink of total chaos...all that aside its been a good year with many blessings. This Christmas I challenge you to count your blessings and remember why we are even celebrating this holiday. Christmas literally means giving. The big man upstairs gave his only son, and the son gave his life to save us. Without giving there is no Christmas. Count your blessings sent to you, and pray for those who aren't able to celebrate. 

         So, in two weeks when your sitting at the table with family (if you even have a party due to RONA...also thanks to some guy who decided to eat a bat and start this mess) just remember that even though the ham is dry, grandmas salad has cat hair in it and uncle Neds side dish looks like petrified dino is everything! I pray you have a blessed holiday season and love your time with friends and family. 

         Thank you for the continued support with the Boondock brand...we hope to keep this momentum going through the new year and make 2021 great.

        Love you all, have a good holiday...also don't be a Grinch! 

        - Cody


        Hunting The Rut

        Hunting The Rut

           So picture it this way...remember when you were 16 and you were a walking ball of hormones, a glimpse of skin on an attractive girl suddenly made you loose your mind to the point where you couldn't depict if your heart was racing from that girl or the giant bag of sour patch kids you smashed after study hall. Regardless we have all had it at some point...and this is what late-October brings us in the whitetail woods...bucks lose their minds over doe and this is what we call the rut!

           The days are getting cooler and the bucks are moving more and more making scrapes and rubs to mark their territory. By early November the bucks testosterone levels as well as does estrogen levels are at their peak and thats when the woods comes alive. When researching the word "rut" it typically means the actual breeding period. But to us hunters we usually link it to the time in the woods when bucks spend their time fighting, scraping, rubbing and slowly losing their minds in testosterone looking for does to mate with! So a tactic we like to use here at Boondock Boyz is get our tree stands or ground blinds set up outside of the bedding areas and feeding areas. Yes this is a simple tactic and yes everyone knows you should set up where the deer are...but here is the real reason why. The does! The does are your best chance at catching up with one of those big bucks during the rut. White-tailed deer are creatures of habit...they feed when they need to, drink when they need to, and sleep when they need to. Most deer have a home domain that they are comfortable with and seem to stay within the same general area providing they feel safe and have the essentials they need. There is a nice mature buck that I personally have been hunting that over the span of 4 weeks has been seen 6 times now within the same bedding area from different stands. I know that the bedding thicket holds lots of does so I'm going to camp out right there and eventually I'm going to get an opportunity. Now this isn't a rule of thumb because during the rut...the woods are chaos. New bucks show up and invade each others turf in pursuit of the ladies. But again...stay with the ladies and the bucks will come! Seems to be the same for us humans, every man just wants to chill with the ladies. 

           Post rut: Now im not too worried that if I don't get him during rut I still won't have a chance post rut. Most breeder bucks can lose up to 25 percent of their body weight during the rut seeking, chasing and breeding phases. So being close to the food source will help because the bucks testosterone levels will dissipate and they will resort back to survival mode for winter to restore fat and energy levels - so they seek food.

           In conclusion...the beautiful creatures go through a rigorous breeding period that we as hunters dream about each year...and its coming in full bore! So get in your stand, don't forget your grunt call of course, and when the time comes may your arrows fly true and your harvest be clean! Good luck hunting the rut! 

        - Cody Van Drunen

        Fall 2020

        Fall 2020


        Hello fellow Outdoor Fun Seekers, 


        We hope that this Covid lifestyle has afforded you an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors…besides, it’ safer!   We at Boondock Boyz Clothing Co, have been practicing the original “social distancing,” by sitting in tree stands lately!

        Here in Michigan, we just wrapped up our bear hunting season and now are heavy into our archery deer season.  Our group pulled two tags this year for bear hunting and we were blessed with a couple of nice black bears!  Some of the gang are already enjoying success with deer and ducks as well. 

        Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or simply sitting around a warm fire on a cool night, break free from your confinements and get some fresh air!  The fall is a beautiful time of the year to experience all that nature has to offer and get reconnected with yourself.   With so much negativity in the world these days, do yourself a favor and turn off the news, put on some flannel and get outside with what matters most…family and friends.  Your mind and soul will appreciate the break and don’t be surprised if you get a good night’s rest! 

        We wish you well in your fall endeavors and I leave you with one final thought…

         “What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it…make it count!”

        Be well, be safe and stay “Outdoor 2 the Core”



        Bert Jr. Van Drunen

        SHHH! It's A Secret!

        SHHH! It's A Secret!

        Ok, so here's the deal...I'm going to share my all time favorite marinade with you all! I've perfected it over the years and I can't seem to find one better than this concoction of "mouth-watering, earth shaking, need-more-on-my-plate" recipe for the ages!! TRUST ME and thank me later!'re welcome! 

        PREP TIME: 10min. 


        1. 2-4 Steaks (Thawed Venison / Beef)
        2. 1 can Coca Cola
        3. 2 Large Gallon Ziplock freezer Bags
        4. 3 Tbsp Brown Sugar
        5. 3 Tbsp Yellow Mustard
        6. 3 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
        7. 1/3 cup Honey 
        8. 1/2 bottle of Italian Dressing
        9. Grill Mates Montreal Steak (or desired spices)



        1. Place thawed steaks in 1 Ziplock Bag, and pour Coca-Cola into that bag. Preferably let the steaks sit in the coke for at least 1 day in the refrigerator. The Coke breaks down the "gamey" enzymes and tenderizes the meat.
        2. Drain Coca Cola and leave steaks in bag, add Brown sugar, Yellow Mustard, Worcestershire sauce, Honey and Italian dressing into bag with the steaks.
        3. Drain air out of bag and place that ziplock bag containing the steaks inside the 2nd ziplock. Push around so steaks are properly coated on both sides with ingredients.
        4. Take hand and make fist, with medium pressure punch the steaks on the counter. This literally tenderizes them by hand, flip bag over and do again. (hence the 2nd ziplock so the bag doesn't explode, been there done that!) Place bag in fridge for 2 days ... I usually repeat this step before and after work for two days.
        5. GO PRE-HEAT THAT GRILL! take the steaks out of the bag with tongs and place directly on the grill. Lightly coat the steak with Grill Mates Montreal Steak seasoning, or Salt/Pepper.
        6. I usually like my steaks Med. - Med. Well (your choice) but for Med. place steaks for about 5 min on each side depending on your grill temp.
        7. Take off grill and place on a cutting board, cut that steak in thin strips with a sharp knife...I like eating my steaks like it's a finger food/snack!
        8. Enjoy and share that time with family and friends! You won't regret it. 


        Thanks all! hope you like it, if you have any other ideas send em' our way for a feature!! 

                                                                 - Cody VanDrunen

        Looking Ahead

        Looking Ahead

           Hey everyone...first off thank you to everyone for the continued support. The only way we can grow is through good people who help us share The Boondock Boyz way of life. We are so excited to release some new designs today for you all and hope you enjoy them like we do. Our crew here has been hearing feedback from you guys and have started to make designs based on what you guys want to see! Please feel free to comment/message/call us with any ideas you may have, or things you'd like to see on our site! We are releasing a few new items such as Men's and Women's Tank tops, as well as some cool new designs. As a thank you for reading this post...if you enter CVD20 at checkout you will receive 20% off your order as a thank you for the love and support! Have a good day everyone, make sure to follow our Social Accounts on Instagram, Facebook and you can follow our YouTube Channel for fun videos. Thanks all! 

                                                                                    - Cody