Get Out There!

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Get Out There!

   We at Boondock Boyz Clothing Co. hope you had a fantastic fall season of hunting, fishing and any other adventure that took you outdoors!  With the fall season sadly behind us, there is no reason to huddle up and go into hibernation waiting for the spring!  The winter time here in Michigan is a beautiful time of the year. Rabbit hunting, ice fishing, coyote hunting, snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding are just a few of the many activities to keep you active during the winter months.  Maybe you don’t have snow in your state during the winter months, but the point really is to get out of the concrete world for a while and enjoy the great outdoors.  It’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with family, friends and those who matter the most.  The great outdoors is a “year-round playground” just waiting for all of us! 

   We have a couple of exciting updates to share with you!  Our hats are finally ready to offer and will be on the site very soon.  The hats are top quality offerings by Richardson for years of durability and enjoyment.  Our hats are also sporting logoed patches on the front for that vintage “old friend” feel.  Make sure to check them out!

   The next piece of news that I am extremely passionate about, is we will be offering some of our apparel in Tall Man’s sizes!  As a 6’ 5” guy myself, I know what it’s like looking at cool shirts, crewnecks and hoodies that you can’t buy! There are a lot of us out there and I’m excited that we can offer the option.  Keep and eye out as these too will be available soon.

   In closing, keep the traditions and memories going and take a kid outside and introduce them to something other than video games.  The world will thank you for it!

                                                                              -Bert Jr. VanDrunen

                                                                              Outdoor To The Core™